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Announcing FSLogix™ Office 365 Container For Citrix: An Industry First Solution Enabling True Cached Exchange Mode and Real Time Search for Virtual Desktops


Solution Provides Highest Performance Email for Virtual Workspaces Using Google Apps, Office 365, and On-premise Exchange

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, May 23rd, 2016, FSLogix, a leading innovator in engineering the enterprise class virtual workspace, announced today at Citrix Synergy 2016, FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix, the industry’s first drop-in solution that enables true Cached Exchange Mode for all virtual workspaces using Office 365, and real time search for virtual desktops.  FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix installs in minutes, and allows enterprises to virtualize and persist OST files for users with XenApp, Terminal Services, and non-persistent or ‘pooled’ virtual desktop infrastructure.  In addition to addressing email and search performance, critical settings for Office 365 such as OneDrive cache, Skype for Business global address list (GAL), and Windows search database now persist between sessions.

“Our containerized approach to Cached Exchange Mode allows end users to experience email performance on par with locally installed.  As our customers will explain at Citrix Synergy, high end email performance is critical to completing their enterprise wide migration to the virtual workspace,” said Kevin Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, FSLogix.  “Office 365 migration is a strategic initiative for many large enterprises, and FSLogix is enabling Office 365 and virtual desktops to work simply and seamlessly, with optimal performance.”

Enabling Critical Strategic Initiatives
“FSLogix continues to strongly innovate with solutions that are improving the overall quality and performance of the virtual desktop for both the administrator and the end user,” said Benny Tritsch, Principal Consultant at and RDS Gurus.  “Their ‘no compromise’ approach for outstanding remote end user experience and functionality will help to enable mass adoption that remains untapped in nearly all modern enterprises.”

“Our priority is to design, implement, and transition our customers to next-generation virtual client infrastructure that provides business agility and a strong competitive advantage in their field.  IT should be a strategic enabler of our client’s business vision, and FSLogix turbo-charges our stack and drives maximum ROI for our projects,” said Val King, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Whitehat Virtual Technologies.  “Nearly all of our customers are getting ready to make the move to Office 365, and we’re using FSLogix to give Outlook enterprise-class performance and full functionality on XenApp and XenDesktop.”

“Many enterprises are waiting to fully transition to virtual desktops until user performance and management improve significantly,” said Jarian Gibson, Independent End User Computing Consultant.  “FSLogix removes the performance barriers associated with user profiles and email with a simple drop-in solution that helps IT drive a huge amount of ROI from their existing infrastructure investments.  This means higher performance and functionality for their strategic Citrix installations, without having to change out their profile management products, add hardware, or make major new software purchases.”

FSLogix™ Office 365 Container For Citrix provides:

True Cached Exchange Mode – with patent-pending OST containerization, Outlook on XenApp and XenDesktop can now function and perform as if locally installed on a high performance workstation.  Users don’t need to compromise email and calendar performance to adopt strategic initiatives like virtual desktops.
Real-Time Search – enables inbox and personal folder search to work as designed on XenDesktop, with maximum performance, and no workarounds requiring end-user training or unique behavior between physical and virtual environments.
Plug and Play management – features a micro-application footprint with drop-in installation, GPO templates, simple rules based configuration, and the use of existing CIFS/SMB servers, improving the ROI of existing enterprise infrastructure.
Infrastructure compatibility – works on all major virtual desktop and hosted email solutions, complimenting profile management products traditionally used in virtual workspace environments.
Affordable pricing – with an expected retail list price of $10 per user, there’s no barrier to making email on virtual desktops enterprise class.

FSLogix Apps, Application and Profile Containers, and FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix provide multi-platform support for all major Windows™ based virtual desktops, hosted email providers, and profile management products, turning virtual desktops into the enterprise class virtual workspace.

“Our product direction and company vision will continue to address critical problems that have held back adoption of virtual desktops,” said Randy Cook, FSLogix Founder and Chief Technology Officer.  “Enterprises should be planning to take full advantage of the virtual desktop model, without accepting reduced performance that impedes productivity in the workforce.  FSLogix is committed to using the latest technology advancements to solve these issues and make the enterprise class virtual workspace a reality.”

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