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Our success is driven by taking our customers virtual workspace infrastructure to enterprise scale.

Their satisfaction is our top priority.

RDS Gurus observed a significant improvement in user experience when searching in Outlook in non-persistent RDS environments using FSLogix.

Haley Rowland


[FSLogix Office 365 Container] makes Outlook running on XenApp and XenDesktop able to mount users’ profiles as if they were on a local C: drive, so Windows acts normally and Outlook works like it is running on a regular PC desktop. This means you get the performance of the virtual workspace but the ease of management too.

Dries Scott

SVP of IT, Okada

I visited the FSLogix booth for a demo and in-depth discussion, and we elected to integrate [FSLogix Office 365 Container] into our Office 2013 test environment to determine if it would work in a real-world setting. The reality is that there really isn’t anything else out there when it comes to Citrix XenApp.

Ken Brower

CIO, Cherry Health

FSLogix gives us true cached Exchange mode through its Office 365 Container. Our Outlook launch times went from several minutes to seconds. We also saw a dramatic improvement in the ongoing performance issues when navigating within Outlook such as opening a new email and composing an email, replying to an email, and switching to the calendar. FSLogix removed the roadblock that Cherry Health had reached with its Office 365 migration.

Tim Riegler

Systems Engineering Manager, Cherry Health

We are impressed with the product as well as the outstanding support that we’ve received from the team, it was a collaborative relationship from the very start, and they have been very supportive every time a question or issue came up.

Tim Riegler

Systems Engineering Manager, Cherry Health

FSLogix is quite easy to implement and intuitive to use. The actual implementation for our initial project phase took a matter of a few weeks, and we anticipate a seamless process as we extend it to the entirety of our VDI environment. It is an essential piece of our VDI environment.

Hector Cortez

Citrix Architect and Engineer, Neovia Logistics

We have a lot of regional requirements that translate into numerous plugins for Java and SSL tokens as well as applications such Microsoft Office and Excel. It was truly a big mess. FSLogix fixes all of this. We are able to manage one unified image while users see only the applications and plugins they are authorized to see.

Hector Cortez

Citrix Architect and Engineer, Neovia Logistics

Office 365 is something we’re looking at. Without FSLogix, we probably wouldn’t have this option on the table, as Office 365 sees a significant performance degradation in a VDI environment. FSLogix caches it locally and resolves this issue.

Tyler Miranda

Assistant VP-IT Administrator, Equity Bank

For our Java challenge, all roads pointed to FSLogix. It ticked all the boxes, with ease of implementation and management at the top of our list. It also was quite cost efective. We particularly like the flexible modular licensing that allows us to pay for the capabilities we elect to deploy now, while adding other modules farther down the line driven by business needs.

Jav Yaqub

ICT Project Manager, North Lanarkshire Council

[Regarding FSLogix] It was a good experience. There isn’t anything tricky or complex about its deployment. And we also had the FSLogix Support Services engineers at our disposal to answer any questions that arose and to help us navigate around any obstacles that we encountered

Cheryl Scott

Project Technical Analyst, North Lanarkshire Council

In addition to allowing us to consolidate 12 different terminal server farms, FSLogix has given us an incredible level of flexibility in how we solve problems. We have used it to help us cleanly rollout (and rollback) software deployments, add multi-user support to legacy software and run multiple versions of Office on the same servers.

Jared Haight, Sr.

Systems Administrator, Red Ventures

FSLogix Apps 2.0 is a game changer. It provides a refreshing, innovative approach to application delivery, image management, application access, user profiles, and solves many of the problems we have tried to solve with application virtualization for many years. It just works! The user profile containers are the best thing to happen to user profiles since they were invented.

Michael Thomason

Sr. Systems Architect, Emory Healthcare

I have to say I am mighty impressed by this, it's dead easy to deploy and manage, and we can direct users to sets of applications based around the context they're operating in without much fuss. As all the applications are actually natively installed, they will run cleaner and more efficiently than if they were packaged, sequenced, siloed, cloud-hosted or any one of the many ways you can deliver apps these days. And those environments with the images upon images that are frankly a blight on a lot of XenApp deployments these days - you can kiss all that goodbye.

I want to predict that ISVs dealing with user profile management in the VDI and ‘Windows from the cloud’ space that don’t have a layering or containerization solution in their development pipeline are facing rough times in the near future. Traditional profiles are dead, long live layered profiles!

Dr. Benny Tristch

Chief Technology Officer, Bluecue

Is Layering the Future of Profile Management?

FSLogix Apps is a super easy, powerful and truly useful solution for deploying and managing your application catalog. In minutes I was able to get it up and running and from there it was smooth sailing. Simply wonderful solution that I recommend everyone try for themselves.

Douglas A. Brown, MVP, CTP, vEXPERT

Since their launch in 2013, FSLogix has demonstrated that their new and innovative approach has the right elements for success.

John Abbott

451 Research

My company, SoftwareAdvocates®, provides Microsoft licensing advisory services to enterprise organizations. I strongly encourage any enterprise wishing to reduce management cost and complexity of remote applications, while also effortlessly maintaining software license compliance to take a serious look at FSLogix.

John Grubb

Chief Advocate, SoftwareAdvocates

Managing applications on laptops, desktops, SBC and VDI is dramatically simplified with FSLogix.

Ruben Spruijt

CTO, Atlantis Computing

A single image approach with dynamic provisioning of apps on a ‘need to access’ basis is the nirvana for IT, the business, and the individual.

Clive Longbottom

Service Director, Quocirca

Hiding the newer java version allows sites and applications that are incompatible with newer versions to continue operating without incurring a massive security risk to your org. Pretty cool stuff!

FSLogix has done a great job at getting another piece of enterprise technology re-architected, not just more optimizing, but a new design that eliminates the problem altogether. In the case of user profiles on server-based computing, this change is long overdue.

In this blog post, I’m going through FSLogix 2.0, which is a truly unique product. They are tackling the difficulty of managing applications in an Enterprise environment in a way that nobody else has and you know what?…it works great!!

Rory Monaghan

FSLogix 2.0

With version FSLogix 2.0 is a new feature which makes the administration and management of user profiles on Windows simplistic. Instead of configuring how far local or roaming profiles travel and managing them through various more or less complex tools and controls, FSLogix outsourced the entire user profile from a network (or locally) saved virtual hard disk (VHD or VHDX). How easy it is to configure, I show in this blog post.

Thomas Krampe

Login Consultants

FSLogix 2.0 – Simplicity Still Wins

FSLogix Apps is very powerful yet extremely simple solution. It provides solutions for very common scenarios related to managing the application landscape within a RDS or VDI solution. In this case I’ve only covered 3 scenario’s, but there are obviously many more. Also note the scenario’s above were not strictly bound to RemoteApps in Azure but rather RemoteApps in general and thus can also be applied in on premises environments. What I wanted to point out in this blog post is that FSLogix has the same added value to Azure RemoteApp scenario’s and provides an easy solution for a lot of very common scenarios without making things over complex. That’s why I think Azure RemoteApp and FSLogix Apps are a great match!

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