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Contact Sales and Support: (678) 871-9647
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Citrix NetScaler Java Fix

Demonstrates using FSLogix Apps to specify that NetScaler use an older version of Java that it is compatible with. All other applications and URLs use the latest version of Java.

FSLogix Apps and Intuit QuickBooks

This demonstration shows how FSLogix Apps can control the visibility of Intuit QuickBooks for users. This video shows multiple versions of QuickBooks installed with one version visible to one group of users and the other visible to the users in a second group.

FSLogix Apps and Workshare Pro 8 Demo

This is a demonstration of FSLogix Apps controlling the visibility of the Workshare Office Add-in. This shows how to easily control which users have access to the plugin. This has licensing, memory, and load time benefits.

FSLogix Apps – application delivery – Demo using Adobe Acrobat

FSLogix Apps offers control over software delivery (using Adobe Acrobat). FSLogix Apps shows how you can install multiple versions of the same software on the same image and quickly control which users see different versions. In this demo, FSLogix Apps rolls back and forth between Adobe Acrobat 9 and 11 with ease.

Demo Description: Looking at a single desktop image, the admin had deployed Adobe Acrobat 11 for all users. The software is installed and has all file associations and shortcuts. Once deployed, certain users need to roll back to Acrobat 9 for file compatibility. The image has both versions of software installed. Using the rule sets, the admin is able to remove Acrobat 11 and replace it with Acrobat 9 easily. The admin is also able to move back to Acrobat 11 with ease.

Value: Using FSLogix Apps, roll back and forth between versions of applications with ease and without any traditional install/uninstall process.

BriForum Demo Video


BriForum demo video shows application visibility (using Visio). FSLogix Apps shows how easy it is to control visibility of applications from a single image. Demo shows Microsoft Visio can revealed and removed quickly using FSLogix Apps rule sets.

Demo Description: Terminal server connections are created on the same server – two connections to the same image. One is the admin, the other a user. The admin had rights to Visio, but the user only needs Visio Viewer. If the user decides he needs the full version, he can be enabled with just a few click within the FSLogix Apps rule set.

Value: Using FSLogix Apps, multiple users can draw their individual software from a single image, vastly reducing image silos, providing fast provisioning of new software and improving user satisfaction.