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Contact Sales and Support: (678) 871-9647
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FSLogix Apps – Application Visibility Per User – Demo for Visio

FSLogix Apps shows application visibility per user (using Visio). FSLogix Apps shows how each user has access to application based upon IT policy.

Demo Description: FSLogix Apps is able to control visibility for each application depending on user policies established by IT admins. Two terminal sessions are enabled to the same server and a single golden image. In this case, the admin has installed Visio Professional and Viewer, so that documents can be created and viewed as needed by IT policy. Admin has rights to create and view. The user has rights to view only. If the user needs to be able to have Visio Pro to create documents, the FSLogix Apps rules file and assignment file can be easily changed to make Visio Pro visible to the user.

Value: Using FSLogix Apps, assignment and rules files, applications can be made visible to any user instantly.

FSLogix Apps – Redirection of user data – Demo using KeyPass

FSLogix Apps offers redirection (using KeyPass). Some applications use a common .ini or data file for user information. FSLogix Apps allows common files to be redirected to a user directory to eliminate conflict between users on the same image. This reduces image proliferation to reduce software conflicts.

Demo Description: FSLogix Apps offer four levels of redirection – file, directory, registry value and registry key. In this demo, file redirection is used to manage multiple users on the same machine usign KeyPass. KeyPass uses a general .ini file for each user. Using FSLogix, the .ini files are redirected into the user profile directory. The .ini files disappear from the program directory and are remanded to the personal directory. Users and added quickly and files are redirected to he user profile with ease.

Value: Using FSLogix Apps, multiple users can use the same software without conflict. Redirection can be based upon file, directory, registry value or registry key.

FSLogix Apps – Application Visibility – Demo for Chrome

FSLogix Apps offers applications visibility – virtual installation. FSLogix Apps offers dynamic application visibility (using Chrome) so that Chrome can be made visible and removed instantly to improve the rollout process.

Demo Description: FSLogix disconnects the process of image rollout and application visibility. Applications can be compiled and deployed to all PCs, only to later have individual applications revealed by FSLogix. In this case, Chrome has been installed on the image, but the admin wants to have control over when a specific user sees the install. Using the rule set files, the admin can instantly make the Chrome install visible to the user. When the rule sets remove the application, its as though the software was never installed.

Value: Using FSLogix Apps, applications can be deployed and later made visible to the user. Using the FSLogix rule files, it appears as though the software is not installed until FSLogix reveals it to the user. This solves critical licensing challenges.