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Contact Sales and Support: (678) 871-9647
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FSLogix™ Office 365 Container

Achieve Successful Office 365 Deployments in all Virtualized Environments


FSLogix Office 365 Container DataSheet


What is the issue?

As Office 365 rolls out into the enterprise, often a forgotten component is the VDI\RDSH\XenApp environments. Generally, these environments are designed to be non-persistent, as we look at how to deal with the data components of O365, OST, Skype for Business Global Address List (S4B GAL), OneNote, and OneDrive, IT has been left with only a few options. Option 1, go online and deal with the user complaints, Option 2, cache everything local, this creates large repetitive downloads of data or user being bound to a particular machine, not very non persistent, or Option 3 put data on a network folder, this results in high IO, data corruption and performance issues. Now FSLogix has a solution that gives both IT and User the desired performance and persistence.

FSLogix Office 365 Container provides: 

True Cached Exchange Mode Outlook on XenApp and XenDesktop can now function and perform as if locally installed on a high performance virtual workspace session.  Users don’t need to compromise email and calendar performance to adopt strategic initiatives like virtual desktops.

Outlook Real-Time Search – enables inbox and personal folder search to work as designed on both XenApp and XenDesktop, with maximum performance, and no workarounds requiring end-user training or unique behavior between physical and virtual environments.

OneDrive for Business – Enable OneDrive for Business in XenApp and XenDesktop. Roam OneDrive for Business user data seamlessly in every virtual desktop environment without the need to resync at each logon.

Skype for Business Global Address List – Large GAL's can be an issue in non-persistent environments causeing the GAL to be downloaded everytime a user connects to a system. This can cause heavy load on exchange systems, Storage, and compute platforms. With FSLogix we download once, and update many as changes get published, reducing the overall data IO.

OneNote – Enable local OneNote cache that can roam with the user from host to host and desktop to desktop.

Plug and Play management – features a micro-application footprint with drop-in installation, GPO templates, simple rules based configuration, and the use of existing CIFS/SMB servers, improving the ROI of existing enterprise infrastructure.

Infrastructure compatibility – works on all major virtual desktop and hosted email solutions, UEM agnostic designed to extend existing infrastructure performance in virtual workspace environments.

“FSLogix gives us true Cached Exchange Mode through its Office 365 Container. Our Outlook launch times went from several minutes to seconds. We also saw a dramatic improvement in the ongoing performance issues when navigating within Outlook such as opening a new email and composing an email, replying to an email, and switching to the calendar. FSLogix removed the roadblock that Cherry Health had reached with its Office 365 migration.”  


-- Tim Riegler, Systems Engineering Manager, Cherry Health

  Cherry Health Removes Microsoft Office 365 Performance Roadblock With FSLogix


802010 Outlook Search

For enterprise class performance expected by your end-user community, Cached Exchange Mode (CEM) must be enabled in Outlook.  Once CEM is enabled, very large files (.OSTs) will need to persist between virtual workspace sessions.  Doing this with traditional approaches like roaming profiles or Folder Redirection will lead to extensive logon times and severe network and performance issues, often times preventing the success of virtual desktop initiatives.  To make matters worse, many of these workarounds are supported by Microsoft in a very limited scenario and on a ‘best effort basis’.

FSLogix addressed this problem with the release of our award winning Profile Container solution, launched at Citrix Synergy 2015.

Starting in July, 2016, a subset of FSLogix Profile Containers is now sold as a separate drop-in module, FSLogix™ Office 365 Container, allowing administrators to take full advantage of our Office 365 support without having remove their existing profile or UEM solution. This new offering is the industry’s first drop-in solution that enables true Cached Exchange Mode for all virtual workspaces using Office 365, real time search for virtual desktops, and allows user data to persist/roam in OneDrive for Business. 

O365 image

“[FSLogix Office 365 Container]…seems like a no-brainer to enable functionality that we’ve wanted for the last fifteen years.”   - Gabe Knuth,, June 30th, 2016

Eliminate Slow Performance 

  • Recover an average of 40 hours annually per user for Outlook
  • Eliminate corrupted OSTs files (mailboxes)
  • Reduce helpdesk and support costs
  • Reduce CPU utilization by 80%
  • Gain 20% Greater Session Density

Dramatically increase acceptance / success rate of projects facing these challenges 

Learn more about FSLogix™ Office 365 Container from leading industry experts: 

Use these these additional resources located in the Docs Section

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q:           What Operating Systems are compatible with FSLogix Office 365 Container?

A:           Windows 7 and above and Windows 2008 R2 and above. Both 32 and 64 bit versions.              

Q:           Why can’t I simply use Outlook in Online Mode instead of Cached Exchange Mode (CEM)?

A:           You can, but maintaining a stable network connection is critical and users could be subject to very poor Outlook performance. 

Q:           Does FSLogix Office 365 Container work only on Citrix?

A:           No. FSLogix Office 365 Container is a drop-in installation that works on any version of Windows 7 or above and 2008 R2 and above and is compatible with existing profile management and UEM solutions. 

Q:           Does FSLogix Office 365 Container Outlook Search work only on XenApp?              

A:           Outlook Search works on both single-user and multi-user environments like standard RDSH, XenApp, and View RDS

Q:           What Versions of Outlook on XenApp/RDSH does FSLogix Office 365 Container support?

A:           Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016

Q:           Can I roam Outlook Search in both XenDesktop and XenApp?

A:           Currently (FSLogix Apps 2.8) if both FSLogix Office 365 Container and Profile Containers are active and configured to roam, then roaming Outlook Search will function in both single-user and multi-user environments such as XenDesktop, XenApp, RDSH, RDS etc. 

Q:           Do I need to have the Windows Search Service Enabled?

A:           Yes. You will want to ensure that you have it configured to exclude aspects you do not want indexed.

Q:           How is FSLogix Office 365 Container licensed?

A:           FSLogix Office 365 Container is licensed on a subscription basis. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.